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VoxelSensors announces OQmented AR/VR partnershipPowered by iStock.

VoxelSensors, a 3D sensing technology firm, has announced a partnership with OQmented, an AR/VR display and 3D sensing firm focused on MEMS-based solutions.

VoxelSensors, the inventor of Switching Pixels, a custom 3D sensing system using laser beam scanning technology for a wide range of augmented and mixed reality devices, aims to combine its new sensor architecture with an OQmented proprietary Lissajous scanning pattern, which saves time and power. compared to traditional raster scanning.

“The collaboration with VoxelSensors is a great opportunity to unlock the potential of Lissajous laser beam scanning for 3D perception in lightweight Augmented Reality glasses,” said Ulrich Hofmann, CEO/CTO and co-founder of OQmented. “We’re proud to deliver the most efficient scanning solution in the world, enabling our partner’s amazing products, bringing us one step closer to our goal of enabling product developers to create powerful yet stylish AR glasses.”

“At VoxelSensors, we wanted to revolutionize the perception industry,” said Johannes Peeters, Founder and CEO of VoxelSensors. “For a long time, innovation in our space has focused on data processing, but there are many efficiencies to be gained when working on the frontiers of photonics and physics. Together with OQmented technology, we have the ability to transform the industry, enabling a powerful society. Impacting multiple verticals such as Augmented and Virtual Reality . Blending the physical and virtual worlds will create amazing experiences for consumers and productivity gains in the enterprise world.”


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