Video Of Mother Cutting Her Daughters Hair Angers Internet

There’s a shocking video going around the internet lately. In the video, a mother is seen cutting her daughter’s hair as punishment and reprimanding her. The video garnered a lot of views as online users were horrified by the mother’s unacceptable behaviour.

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The video of the mother punishing her daughter by cutting her hair is taking over the internet

The clip, which was originally shared on TikTok, made its way to Twitter, where people are talking about the seriousness of the situation. People were pissed off by the mother’s actions and slammed her in the comments section as she called the whole incident “triggering”.

In the video, the mother begins to rant about discipline before suddenly grabbing her daughter’s braided hair and cutting it off one by one. In a matter of seconds, the girl loses her long strands. While the daughter protests at first, she calms down after a while and almost seems to be in shock. The video is captioned: “One of the hardest things I’ve ever had to do, just for educational purposes!”

Watch the viral video below:

The mother insisted that she was doing it to educate her daughter

While cutting his daughter’s hair, the mom says, “Don’t mom me, no. You had your warning, you had your chance. I told you to listen, I told you to stop disobeying my rules. I told you that being pretty ain’t shit if you don’t have manners. I told you to stop disobeying me , I told you to listen and do what you should do, I told you to do well in school, I told you to do your daily routineโ€.

As she continued to cut the hair, the mother continued adding: โ€œAnd you are yet to do any of that, and you thought you were disobeying me today, and I did not come to cut this hair. You are sadly mistaken because you thought being pretty was far better than being polite or listening well to your mother.โ€

People were outraged by the mother’s method of disciplining her son, and many shared their own stories of how similar events in their childhood changed their lives forever.

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