Universal Studios Japan provides more information about Doraemon VR Coaster

last month, Universal Studios Japan announced new Doraemon A VR coaster based on the upcoming movie Nobita’s Sky Utopia. Today, we have a little more information about what’s to come!

Official title Doraemon XR Ride: Nobita’s Sky Utopia, the ride will combine roller coaster action with 3D visuals and effects to transport riders to the high-flying world of Paradapia. They will be guided by the cat robot Sonya (voiced by Ren Nagase). But the tour is interrupted by the bounty hunter Marimba (Marina Inoue). Both Sonya and Marimba appear in a limited-time XR adventure with voice actors in the film.

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As seen in the new key visual above, riders will also see some of their old friends and some of Doraemon’s more popular futuristic gadgets. Longtime watchers may recognize Little Light and Doors Everywhere, both of which will be used during the adventure.

The ride will open February 23 at Universal Studios Japan. you will have time September 3 Join the adventures of Doraemon and Nobita.

In Doraemon: Nobita’s Sky Utopia, Nobita, Doraemon and the rest of the gang go on an adventure in search of legendary utopias that people have dreamed of since ancient times, such as Atlantis or the Palace of the Dragon King under the sea. With the help of a time-traveling ship, they discover a floating island civilization called Paradapia, where everyone lives happily ever after and everything is perfect… or so it seems…

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Doraemon: Nobita’s Sky Utopia Directed by Takumi Doyama and animated by Shin-Ei Animation. Doraemon: Nobita’s Sky Utopia is the 42nd film in the series and is scheduled to be released in theaters in Japan March 3.

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