Ukraine’s military shares a photo of a sniper hidden in plain sight, shocked by the Internet

The National Guard of Ukraine shared the image on Twitter.

The war between Russia and Ukraine doesn’t seem to be ending anytime soon. Russia began its military campaign in Ukraine almost a year ago. An unfathomable number of people died; many fled their homes; pets died; and the infrastructure was damaged.

But nothing dampened the soldiers’ eagerness to fight on both sides. Soldiers face all obstacles in this fight, from icy conditions to challenging terrain.

Ukraine’s National Guard has released three photos of a sniper in a position completely covered in snow but still holding his aim, showing the tough mentality of its soldiers.

“Attention Task. Find the Sniper!” read the tweet

Viewers have been busy trying to locate the sniper in the footage after seeing the tweet, which appears to be an optical illusion for social media users.

If you were unable to complete the observational power test, we’ve highlighted the soldier in red in case you needed additional help.


Although the time and location of the photographs are unknown, they received a lot of attention on social networks.

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