TokToking Apple employee terminated due to sick leave, no videos

Credit: Laurenz Heymann/Unsplash

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After a tumultuous August, TikToker and former Apple hardware engineer Paris Campbell have shared another video. This time she claims she was wrongly fired due to medical leave related to COVID.

Campbell first rose to prominence in August after she released a video explain why you should never remove Activation Lock from a stolen iPhone.

Later that same month she returned to TikTok and stated that the company had contacted her and told her to remove the video. If she failed to do so, Campbell was threatened with disciplinary action “up to and including termination”.

Now the Tiktoker has released a third video, informing viewers that Apple had fired her in mid-December — but not because of her videos.

As it turned out, Campbell was placed on extended medical leave as part of Apple’s commitment to employees impacted by COVID. Campbell had tested positive for COVID three times before she was fired.

“The whole reason they tried to fire me in the first place wasn’t because of a TikTok video,” she says.

“For the past year I’ve been on a medical leave that Apple put in place for people who had COVID, or had long-term COVID, or had complications from COVID, and last Friday they finally fired me for that leave.”

The company reportedly sent numerous letters to her former address, which burned down earlier this year, asking for medical documentation to validate her extended medical leave.

She notes that the company knew she did not live at her former address and believes this was done intentionally to prevent her from providing documentation.

“I think they did this to give me no options to try to keep my job, because they conveniently emailed me my termination letter at the end, instead of sending it to my old address,” Campbell told The daily dot.

Campbell is exploring the possibility of taking legal action against Apple under the pretext of wrongful termination.


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