The top 16 free VR Games for Quest 2, PSVR, PC VR, and Pico 4

The top 16 free VR Games for Quest 2, PSVR, PC VR, and Pico 4

Image: MIXED, WanadevStudio, Ready at Dawn, Another Axoim, Eagle Dynamics SA, Rec Room

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Whether you are looking for village idylls, big battles, small duels, or monkey business, here are 16 free VR games you might enjoy.

In times of inflation and price increases, free-to-play games are a welcome change in virtual reality. Free doesn’t mean cheap: Among the titles are some real gems and crowd pullers. We present 16 of the best free-to-play games and early access titles for Meta Quest 2, Playstation VR and PC VR.

We exclude demos like Resident Evil 7, Tea for God or the upcoming sci-fi shooter Vertigo 2, as well as social apps. Rec Room, with its cooperative level design, is an exception.

Note: Titles released for “SteamVR” and “Oculus Rift (S)” are usually usable with Metas Quest headsets (formerly Oculus Quest) + Link. You can find all information about this in our Oculus/Meta Link info guide.

A Township Tale

Genre: Building Strategy, Online Role-Playing Game, Simulation
Platform: Meta Quest, Meta Quest 2, Meta Quest Pro, PC-VR

In the idyllic “A Township Tale” you build medieval communities with other online players.

The motivating tasks in various professions such as blacksmith, farmer, or warrior require some hard work because they don’t just involve pressing buttons. Rather, the movements during crafting are pleasantly reminiscent of real-life actions.

For Meta Quest, A Township Tale now costs about $10, while it is still available for free for PC VR. After downloading the game with the official “Alta Launcher”, you can choose a platform (SteamVR or Oculus) and join a server.

You can download A Township Tale here:


Genre: Fishing, Sports, Arcade
Platform: Meta Quest, Meta Quest 2, Meta Quest Pro

Resolution Games not only excelled in the multiple award-winning role-playing game Demeo or the intense duel shooter Blaston. With Bait! the Swedes also created a free, very relaxed fishing game for Meta Quest with great graphics. Even on Quest 1, locations like the Caribbean mountains reflect really nicely on the waves.

Besides making friends with the locals and growing gear, there are also some fat boss fish to catch to attract tourists to the neighboring aquarium. Meanwhile, up to four “Fishing Buddies” can fish together or play mini-games online.

You can download Bait! here:


Genre: Arena, Action, Multiplayer
Platform: Meta Quest, Meta Quest 2, Meta Quest Pro, SteamVR
Test: Blaston

Resolution Games’ Blaston is the best example of an entirely new VR genre and how unique VR games can feel. Two players face each other on their own virtual platforms and fire slow-motion bullets at each other from different weapons. Their trajectories can be influenced for ideal tactics. The goal is to bring the opponent’s health points to zero and skillfully dodge.

A loyal community, cross-play and free updates keep adding variety to the sweaty slow-motion duels. The update with a camera view of the real room has convinced us that mixed reality is fun.

The switch to the free-to-play model should reliably bring new players two years after release. A version for Pico will be released next year.

You can download Blaston here:

Stores Supported devices
Quest Store Quest, Quest 2, Quest Pro
Steam SteamVR headsets, Quest (1, 2, Pro) via (Air)Link

DCS World Steam Edition

Genre: Simulation, Wargame, Multiplayer
Platform: SteamVR

DCS World simulation recreates explosive air and ground battles in the South Caucasus and Georgia, with a high degree of authenticity. Various vehicles, helicopters, and ships from different eras, such as World War II, are available.

Among the aircraft are the Russian Su-25T “Frogfoot” ground fighter and the TF-51D “Mustang”. In addition to the campaign and a multiplayer part, the simulation from Eagle Dynamics also offers an editor and supports all common VR headsets for the PC.

You can download DCS World here:

Stores Supported devices
Steam SteamVR Glasses, Quest (1, 2, Pro) via (Air)Link

Echo VR

Genre: Sports, Multiplayer, E-Sport
Platform: Meta Quest, Meta Quest 2, Meta Quest Pro, SteamVR

Do you love competitive team games? Then you’ve come to the right place with Echo VR. Echo VR is Ender’s Game for Meta Quest 2 and the Rift Store. Here, two teams compete against each other in a futuristic cyber hall.

In complete weightlessness, you must use your strength and thrusters to dash through space, steal a disc from your opponents and send it into the opponent’s goal.

The game comes from Meta’s top studio Ready at Dawn, and that is reflected in its quality. Echo VR is a spin-off of the VR adventure classics Lone Echo and Lone Echo 2.

You can download Echo VR here:

Stores Supported devices
Quest Store Quest, Quest 2, Quest Pro
Rift Store Rift (S), Quest (1, 2, Pro) via (Air)Link

Gorilla Tag

Genre: Plattformer, Shooter, Multiplayer
Platform: Meta Quest, Meta Quest 2, Meta Quest Pro, SteamVR (paid)

Indie developer Kerestell Smith (Another Axiom) created Gorilla Tag, the biggest surprise success in VR gaming history to date. In December 2022, the VR game reached a record of over 5 million players.

In the title with rudimentary pixel graphics, participants become gorillas and chase each other through the forest or play paintball. Crossplay allows Quest and SteamVR users to play together.

The big feature of the game is the movement with rowing arms. It is used for running, climbing and jumping and quickly gives new players a huge muscle ache.

The predominantly young audience also uses the title as an online hangout. The Steam version was released on December 9, 2022 for around $20.

You can download Gorilla Tag here:

Rec Room

Genre: Social-App, Game Builder, Multiplayer
Platform: Meta Quest, Meta Quest 2, Meta Quest Pro, SteamVR, Playstation VR, Pico 4 and numerous flat platforms.

The social building block hangout Rec Room offers a taste of the dream of the open metaverse today. Here you can easily switch between online rooms, start community games or get creative together.

The editor tools are constantly being developed further. In April 2022, the studio counted three million monthly active VR users in Rec Room.

Besides its fun, the main reason for Rec Room’s popularity is that it’s open to many platforms without VR, including iOS, Android, or game consoles.

You can download Rec Room here:

Stores Supported devices
Quest Store Quest (not all levels), Quest 2, Quest Pro
Steam SteamVR headsets, Quest (1, 2, Pro) via (Air)Link
Pico Store Pico 4

The Playroom VR

Genre: Arcade, mini-game collection, multiplayer
Platform: Playstation VR

The Playroom VR mini-game collection for PSVR is the origin of a classic: the included gamelet “Robot Rescue” is practically the predecessor of the charming VR platformer Astro Bot Rescue Mission.

Use the motion controls of the PS4 controller to search for cute little robots. You can use a high-wire cannon or a vacuum cleaner to directly control the jump-n-run. You can play it with up to four other players on the TV.

You can download The Playroom VR here:

The Lab

Genre: Arcade, Action, Minigame collection
Platform: SteamVR

SteamVR offers The Lab, a mini-game collection for VR beginners. Since Valve released the app in 2016 for the launch of the HTC Vive, it primarily demonstrates the benefits of room scale VR.

In Longbow, you draw the virtual bow, and in Xortex 26XX, there’s an arcade concept similar to classic bullet hell (Danmaku) games: You hold your small spaceship with the VR controller practically directly in your hand to move it through the chaos of bullets with full physical effort.

You can download The Lab here:

Stores Supported devices
Steam SteamVR headsets, Quest (1, 2, Pro) via (Air)Link


Genre: Sports, Arena, Multiplayer
Platform: Meta Quest 2, Meta Quest Pro, SteamVR, Pico 4
Played with: Ultimechs

With Ultimechs, Demeo developer Resolution Games once again proves its creativity: You slip into the metallic garb of lightning-fast mechs and play a sport called Superball. The goal is to get the ball into the opponent’s goal using rocket fists.

The VR game is designed for two teams of two, but also supports duels. The lightning-fast switching between fixed positions and steering the rocket fists makes for a unique gameplay experience.

You can download Ultimechs here:

War Thunder

Genre: Action, War game, Multiplayer
Platform: SteamVR

War Thunder is among the most popular online PvP titles for free-to-play air, land and sea battles. PC and console players fight on the same servers.

However, you can only enter the fray on the PC with VR headset. Around 100 historical maps with over 2000 planes, helicopters, tanks and warships are available.

You can download War Thunder here:

Stores Supported devices
Steam SteamVR headsets, Quest (1, 2, Pro) via (Air)Link

Cards & Tankards

Genre: Card game, Strategy, Multiplayer
Platform: Meta Quest, Meta Quest 2, Meta Quest Pro, SteamVR
Early Access

In the VR strategy card game Cards & Tankards, little monsters from a deck of cards come to life on the virtual table. Divergent Realities presents a motivating mix of ambition and accessibility. In the cozy tavern, you can meet with other players, play competitive matches, or play beginner games.

In case no worthy opponent turns up despite cross-platform support, rounds against the AI are also available. SteamVR, Steam (without VR) and Meta Quest are supported.

The game will remain free even after the end of Early Access. It will be financed with the sale of cosmetic items.

You can download Cards & Tankards here:


Genre: Shooter, Multiplayer, Battle Royale
Platform: Meta Quest, Meta Quest 2, Meta Quest Pro, SteamVR
Early Access

The Battle Royale battles in Highbow are all about how well you can handle a bow and arrow. The rhythm of drawing, aiming, and shooting a bow is made for VR. Adventurous high aerial jumps add pace to matches, while blade and extra weapons add variety.

After previous releases on the App Lab and Sidequest Store, Chesstar Studios is also planning an Early Access on Steam.

You can download Hibow here:

No More Rainbows Beta

Genre: Sports, Multiplayer, E-Sport
Platform: Meta Quest, Meta Quest 2, Meta Quest Pro, SteamVR
Early Access

If you like the locomotion of Gorilla Tag, but prefer a different style of graphics, you should try the beta of the brightly colored platformer No More Rainbows. Here, too, you run, jump, and climb using motion controls, propelling yourself with your arms – sore muscles are guaranteed.

In the game by Squido Studio, you can also try out the courses over floating islands on your own. Even cool bosses await you in the four worlds. And if you miss the company of other players, you can also race together here.

You can download No More Rainbows Beta here:

Pavlov Shack Beta

Genre: Shooter, Multiplayer, E-Sport
Platform: Meta Quest, Meta Quest 2, Meta Quest Pro
Early Access

Pavlov from Vankrupt Games is already considered the virtual reality counterpart to the PC shooter Counter-Strike on the PC. The good handling of weapons such as revolvers, rapid-fire rifles, and bazookas is also compelling in the Quest offshoot Pavlov Shack.

The early access period in the App Lab Store is currently free. Similar to the PC version, the Quest version is constantly being improved, with updates such as scopes or smoke grenades being added.

Thanks to the supply and quality of the VR game, the regional servers are well filled. Even weapons from World War II and heavy tanks have found their way in the game. In addition to modes like classic (team) deathmatch, Defuse or Gun Games, there are also Capture-the-Flag, TTT, Zombies or the asymmetric Hidden Hunt.

You can download Pavlov Shack Beta here:

Propagation VR

Genre: Shooter, Action, Horror
Platform: SteamVR
Early Access

The zombie apocalypse vision by WanedevStudio puts players under enormous pressure. It’s a classic wave shooter from the studio that already had addictive potential with its dark music game Ragnaröck. Other than zombies and mutants, giant spiders also attack the player, so perhaps the game is not for those with arachnophobia

Those who want to fight their way through the abandoned subway station in co-op mode currently have to pay around 8 dollars for the DLC. Wanadev is already working on a much bigger sequel called Propagation: Paradise Hotel, with a story mode that is supposed to provide atmospherically dense horror.

You can download Propagation VR here:

Stores Supported devices
Steam SteamVR headset, Quest (1, 2, Pro) via (Air)Link

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