The prototype dam from the mid-90s is leaked on the Internet

An early prototype of Prey, the portal-based first-person shooter from 3D Realms, has surfaced on the Internet.

This prototype gave fans a chance to see a particular version of the game that was never available. Interestingly, the leak of the 3D Realms prototype came just a few months after a leaker leaked a 2001 version of the much-delayed Duke Nukem Forever by the same studio.

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In 1995 3D Realms made an official announcement about Prey. This was a very unique game for that time, as it was supposed to give players the opportunity to travel around the world in which the game was set. However, as fate would have it, this particular mechanic or technique was brought into the mainstream space by Valve. through Portal.

3D Realms has long been known to gaming fans as the company that played a major role in the development of Wolfenstein, a game that was partly inspired by Rise of the Triad. 3D Realms worked on a variety of prototypes for the game, but was unable to create a suitable story or gameplay style for Prey. As a gaming title, Prey got gaming enthusiasts very excited when demos of portal technology were shown at E3 in 1997 and 1998.

1995 dam prototype leaked from Game Leaks and Rumors

Technical issues and other problems caused Prey to be stuck for years. The company went through several difficulties trying to set up the project. Gamers finally got a chance to try Prey in 2006, when it was formally released. The game was powered by the id Tech 4 engine and ran on a smaller scale version of portal technology.

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Redditor goes into dragonpunch, through a post shared on r/Gaming Leaks And Rumors, revealed information that a 3D Realms’ Prey prototype developed in November 1995 was leaked online. Redditor also shared that the prototype was posted on the website.

If you go through the description on the website page, you will realize that the build is fully playable and allows players to make some changes to the display mode and access the in-game console. This particular file also features several demo files that players can play with the help of commands given to the console. This leak came from a user who goes by the name hogsy. So far, it is not known how the leaker got hold of this prototype.

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