The Future of Warehouse Technology

Will it be all virtual reality and robots, or will it be a little more pragmatic? You may have seen speculative and imaginary video of voters with augmented reality glasses looking at all sorts of images superimposed on the actual warehouse. Or even a video of a warehouse with the lights out and not a human to be seen, but robots continuing to work.

While these visions of the future entertain and intrigue us, they are rarely the best solutions to today’s storage technology challenges. While we are in a period of technological change in the warehouse, the transformation we are about to see works within existing processes rather than replacing them. The next big advance in storage will be a combination of old, new, and redesigned technologies that will add huge benefits to efficiency, usability, and accuracy.

In this white paper, we provide guidance on multimodal warehouse and multimodal cobots. Unlike virtual reality, self-driving robots, and other wishful thinking you’ve heard, these two examples of multimodal ordering options and cobot-enabled solutions are not imaginary. Distributors need pragmatic solutions that can adapt to seasonal demands and consolidate the number of steps it takes to complete the process to avoid errors, waste of time and resources.

Tecsys offers such flexible and adaptable systems today – and at a fraction of the cost of automated storage and retrieval (ASR), AutoStore, and dedicated audio or video-based sampling systems. We designed our warehouse management software to be scalable and adaptable to help you adjust your operations as your needs change. This simple and highly flexible approach to order picking is the real future of modern warehouse technology.

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