The alligator jumps into the air and grabs the drone filming it, the video amuses the internet

The alligator jumps into the air and grabs the drone filming it, the video amuses the internet

The video shows a drone flying very close to a watercourse

In the digital age, drones are becoming more and more popular to get some pretty spectacular aerial photos and videos. Drone photography and videography has also become the perfect way to film wildlife. However, using a drone to capture wildlife can also lead to some awkward situations, as filming animals in their natural habitat can disturb them. In one such video, an alligator caught a drone in mid-air while it was busy filming it.

The video shows the drone flying very close to a body of water, as a curious alligator can be seen watching it. The alligator was probably distracted by the noise coming from the drone. As the drone was still hovering, the alligator suddenly jumped into the air and grabbed the drone in its mouth.

The video was shared on a Twitter account called How Things Work, with the caption reading ”Using drones to capture wildlife video”.

Watch the video here:

The video went viral, with over 10k views and over 6000 retweets. Social media users were thoroughly amused by the video and poured in a barrage of hilarious comments. The video also sparked an online debate about the use of drones to record wildlife.

One user wrote: ”This is a hilarious video. At the end, I live the disgruntled look on the chimpanzee’s face.โ€ Some were concerned that the alligator had been injured by the drone’s blades. In response to the comment: โ€œNo. Gator will be fine. Unless they actually try to eat the drone. But those little blades wouldn’t even blink an alligator. Extremely tough skin.” A third said: ”It’s the natural order of life.”

Here are some other reactions:

Another comment reads: ”Okay. I hope the drone was expensive, but it probably wasn’t. Using drones to harass wildlife is inappropriate. It’s illegal in some places and it should be in most.”

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