The 5 big mistakes Marvel needs to fix in its Cinematic Universe

The fourth phase of the Marvel Cinematic Universe was more than just a disappointment in the quality of its productions. It was also a questioning of the studio’s ability to sustain an accelerated pace of filming and releases. By tripling the films and extended saga content, Marvel ended up falling into some continuity and narrative errors. At the same time, it put unprecedented pressure on the stories that will have to continue the franchise.

From world-shattering events that the films ignore each other, to characters that are included without a clear purpose. Phase four was a disaster In terms of how it made links between its different narratives. In particular, in defining how the passage of time and reality would henceforth be understood. With the multiverse becoming the center of the long-term conflict, its rules are still unclear. More worryingly, there are glaring contradictions in the point of view in which it will be explored.

Marvel will face in its new phase five problems that must be explained or, at least, amended to revalue its narratives. Everything seems to point to the fact that the upcoming feature films will be in charge of completely rebuilding the saga as a cinematic product.

With new scenarios, characters, events and, especially, reflections on its great mistakes and obsessions, Marvel must recast its main proposals. And do it with the conviction that it is the only way to continue through time and overcome the failed previous phase. Will it be able to achieve it?

Marvel's mistakes in its phase fourMarvel's mistakes in its phase four

An important event that is ignored

At Eternalsby Chloe Zhao, the frozen figure of the celestial Tiamut lies in the middle of the Indian Ocean. In a way, moreover, that is impossible to ignore. Part of its silhouette rises above the maritime horizon. This is a landscape that will completely change the shape of the world.

If that wasn’t enough, the event should have made it clear to the rest of the heroes that a circumstance of unknown origin had occurred. At least, that should have been the situation according to the logic of the Marvel shared universe.

But the truth is that no one in phase four mentioned the existence of such a catastrophe. Despite the fact that, according to the chronology available on the Disney+ platform, most of it takes place after Zhao’s film. A big mistake by Marvel that leaves a blank space in its narrative.

What happened before and after Eternals?

In fact, in the cinematographic section, only. Black Widow y Shang-Chi and the Legend of the Ten Rings.take place earlier. In the series, Scarlet Witch and Vision y Falcon and the Winter Soldier also. The group of stories take place at some point in 2023, shortly after the events of Endgame. Although prior to the struggle of the Eternals against deviants.

It is to be assumed, therefore, that what is related in Eternals takes place at some point in the same year. Judging by the weather, it was not during the winter, in which Hawkeye and Kate Bishop’s adventure takes place. Which is evidence of Marvel’s mistake, since at least the avenger should have been aware of such an event.. Hear about another unexplained event of portentous magnitude. However, in no chapter of the series is there the slightest mention of the subject.

But the problem becomes even more complicated. It is possible that Clint Barton was too busy with his dilemmas to notice a colossal figure in the sea. However, Stephen Strange, whose goal is to watch over the integrity of reality, must have known something similar was going on. At least, he had news of what happened to Spider-Man (now an unknown) in New York. Also of the events in Westview, something he mentions to Wanda in their first meeting. But not a word about the monstrous figure petrified in the middle of the sea. Neither did Namor, lord of Talocan and whose habitat is the sea, know about it from Black Panther: Wakanda Forever.

Given this mistake by Marvel, Phase Five will have to come up with a credible explanation for ignoring such a circumstance. It is already rumored that the new Captain America movie with Sam Wilson (Anthony Mackie) as the titular hero will have a connection to Tiamut’s body. Will they be able to offer facts about the collective forgetfulness about the singular debacle?

The EternalsThe Eternals

Marvel’s mistakes in time travel.

The Movie Avengers: Endgame devoted endless dialogue to making it clear that there is no way to change the future through time travel. There are several conversations between characters that underscore the importance of the timeline and its immutability.

Bruce Banner explains that. every thing from the past that is modified creates an alternate reality.outlining the possibility of the multiverse. This is also detailed by Ancestral, which even generates a didactic energy projection to explain what could happen if the sequential event line is broken. There is no way to generate a new future or influence it through the time jump. The only thing that will happen is that reality will be split.

But in Ms Marvelthe information is not only contradicted, in fact it is shown that it is possible to intervene in events that have already happened in order to modify the future. In chapter five and during her stay in Karachi, the power of the young heroine’s bracelet shows another strange attribute: to travel to the exact circumstance in which her grandmother’s life was in danger and save her. The most peculiar thing is that her beloved relative half-remembered the event, although without knowing exactly who had been the person who prevented her from dying.

Another Marvel mistake in the Mrs. Marvel seriesAnother Marvel error in the Mrs Marvel series

At some point in her subsequent adventures, this Marvel error will have to be addressed to explain how two dissimilar temporal concepts can coexist. In any case, substantiate a statement relating the two phenomena.

The powers of the gods and other errors of the divine in Marvel.

According to phase four of the study, there are at least three types of divinities. Alien creatures who are considered as such and entities whose powers are capable of influencing time and space. Thor: Love and Thunder shows that, in addition, there is a species of beings that are, literally, mystical in nature. Related to the facts of the cosmos, time and the substance of reality. The same makes clear Knight Moon, which depicts the Egyptian pantheon and its influence on life, death and the meaning of the supernatural world.

Which is to say that the concept of Waititi Taika’s Marvel movie has serious errors in logic. Specifically, about what Gorr could or could not kill with the Necrosword sword. Did he kill only beings of a divine nature like Khonshu, from the series starring Oscar Isaac? Also Asgardians, though only an advanced culture that some others point to as gods? In the end, what defines gods in Marvel? Phase Five may need to take a few moments to clarify something similar.

moon knight the actor who voices khonshu f. murray abraham abraham marvel disney+moon knight the actor who voices khonshu f. murray abraham abraham marvel disney+Marvel Studios | Disney+

The magic of the fourth phase of the Marvel Cinematic Universe.

So it is with the magical element in the studio’s Cinematic Universe. How does it arise and in what way is it expressed? If we take into account what happened in Spider-Man: No Way Homeanyone can have an aptitude for mystical power and use it. But, as explained by Doctor Strange in the Multiverse of Madness.Formal training is required to at least open portals in space and time.

Although this could not formally be considered a mistake on Marvel’s part, an incident in She-Hulk: Attorney Hulka makes it all the more peculiar. In one of its chapters, a character defects from the Kamar-Taj and devotes his knowledge to show business. Which suggests that learning is available to anyone and not just the gifted. And that much less is there a vow of secrecy. Does the saga then handle a combination of both concepts? Does becoming a sorcerer depend as much on aptitude as on will?

An astronomical event that influences reality and no one notices it

The plot of Moon Knight also offers a shocking event of which no one has any further knowledge. In chapter three of the series, Khonshu decides to attract the attention of the rest of the gods with a “sign they will not be able to ignore”. This is to push back the celestial dome to find the night two thousand years ago that matches the star map Steven Grant found. In other words, to provoke an astronomical phenomenon of such magnitude that it must have baffled the whole world.

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But, again, no one seems to have enough time to analyze how the cosmos had extraordinary changes. Nor to delve into the enigma of a sudden eclipse, which occurred in chapter two of the series. Isn’t it the duty of Strange and the wizards of Earth to delve into any alteration of the natural order of things? Apparently, the theme does not include anything that occurs beyond the mansion on Blaker Street in Greenwich Village, New York.

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