Texting from your PC if you have an iPhone

You can text from your PC if you have an iPhone using Intel Unison or third party apps like WhatsApp or Telegram and Facebook Messenger.

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If you have an iPhone and also a Windows desktop PC or one of the best windows laptops, then you know that texting on your PC can be difficult. Thanks to Apple’s way of locking users into its own ecosystem of devices, Windows and iPhones don’t always go well together. Apple would much rather you have one Mac to access iMessage on your desktop to communicate with your friends, family and colleagues.

Indeed, that means there is no iMessage app on Windows or an iMessage website where you can view or reply to your messages online. But the good news is that with the advent of the Intel Unison app and third-party messaging services, it will be easy to text on your PC in 2023. We’ll go over how to use it.

Download Intel Unison

iMessage on Windows with Intel Unison

The easiest way to text from your PC if you have an iPhone is to download and use Intel Unison. The app downloaded from the Microsoft Store allows you to send iMessages from your PC. However, there are a few caveats here.

Officially, Intel’s Unison app only works on Windows 11 laptops with 13th or 12th generation Intel CPUs with the Evo certification. You can use it on other Windows 11 laptops with older Intel CPUs, but there’s a chance it won’t work properly. In addition, you will not see your entire iMessage conversation history (and older conversations) when using Intel Unison.

On Windows 11, you will only see the conversations you started in the Intel Unison app itself. There’s also the fact that you have to keep your iPhone paired to your PC via Bluetooth, for everything to work properly. Here’s how to get started, if you accept these caveats.

  1. Download the Intel Unison app from the Microsoft Store (or open it if it comes pre-installed on your PC.)
  2. Launch the app on your PC.
  3. Follow the steps on the screen to install the corresponding app on your iPhone or Android.
  4. Accept the permissions on your phone.
  5. Confirm that the PINs match.
  6. Link your iPhone or Android to your PC using the QR code on the screen and also via Bluetooth.
  7. Start using the app!

Download Intel Unison from the Microsoft Store

Use a third-party messaging service such as WhatsApp

The WhatsApp app on Windows 11.

Not everyone will be able to use Intel Unison on Windows, so a third-party app like WhatsApp is a secondary option. Technically this is not considered texting on your PC, because you use a messaging service associated with your phone number or email address, but most people use these services on iPhone anyway. If you download the app on your Windows PC, you can continue the same conversations you had on your iPhone with these apps right on Windows.

There are many third-party messaging services that work on both iPhone and Windows. WhatsApp, Telegram and Facebook Messenger are just a few examples. These apps can be downloaded from the Microsoft Store using the links below and set up using a phone number or email address. Once the apps are up and running, you can log in with your account or simply scan a QR code with your iPhone. You’ll see all the messages you have on the iPhone version of the app right on your Windows PC.

Keep those vague options in mind

We’ve suggested the two safest ways to text from your PC if you have an iPhone. We don’t think you should use any other methods, especially if you come across other third-party websites or apps claiming to let you access iMessage on Windows. As we mentioned, there is no official iMessage app for Windows, and any website or app claiming to bring iMessages to your PC is more likely to be a scam. As much as you’d like to try these apps or websites, you’re putting the security of your Apple ID as well as your Windows PC at risk. Stick with Intel Unison or apps like WhatsApp, Facebook Messenger or Telegram.

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