Some AT&T customers still without internet, landline a week after winter storm

INDIANAPOLIS – Many in central Indiana are still scraping snow and ice from Winter Storm Elliott.

The Lawrence Bryan Township resident has been without internet, landline or home security system for nearly a week.

“If it was an emergency, I couldn’t even pick up a landline, because we have a landline and dial 911. We don’t have dial tone,” he said.

The long-time AT&T customer has an integrated service that includes landline, cell phones and home internet.

He says that only his cell phone has been working since December 22.

“I called, I was on hold for 40, 50 minutes. I put my number in a queue where they will call you back in an hour,” he said.

Bryan relies on the Internet connection for his work.

He has been working remotely for 15 years. His wife also works virtually on occasion.

“For a week without internet, we will be reimbursed $15.73,” an amount he believes is not enough.

According to AT&T’s application, 60 to 70 homes in your area are experiencing outages.

WRTV has reached out to AT&T for comment.

In an emailed statement, a spokesperson said:

“We have made significant progress with our restoration efforts following Winter Storm Elliott and continue to work as quickly and safely as possible until all service is restored.”

Bryan says there is a silver lining.

Their 33- and 22-year-old sons are home for the holidays and the lack of screen time has resulted in quality family bonding over Christmas.

“We play monopoly and that kind of thing,” he said.


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