Shacknews Best VR Game of 2022 – Among Us VR

The phenomenon of success of Among Us as a wolf-among-sheep social deductive game has been a story for years, but Schell Games and Innersloth have truly taken it to a new level in 2022. The release of Among Us VR gave us all a treat. new ways of suspecting our friends and trying to filter out the impostor among them. You may find all of this highly questionable, but it’s a big part of what makes Among Us VR the Shacknews Best VR Game of 2022.

Among Us VR was a late development in 2022, but has refreshed the usual Among Us formula since landing. The main features of the game are the same. Among the gang, one or more players are secretly murderous imposters, and no one but the imposters knows who it is. These players go around discreetly trying to kill other astronauts and sabotage the ship, and sabotage the ship when a body is discovered and a meeting is called. Other players must figure out who the imposters are and get rid of them while trying to complete tasks around the ship.

Among Us VR distinguishes itself as an even more refined experience because it handles VR mechanics. Players now have full hand control in this game, which makes for some tactile fun when it comes to completing ship tasks like turning cranks, pressing buttons, and plotting ship coordinates on a digital map.

However, when it comes time to debate, Among Us VR’s hand motion controls add to the fun of body language and emotions. You better watch how angry you look or how much you point the finger at others. If your body language comes across as threatening, you may find yourself on the wrong side of the accusation. Because the game is in first-person, Among Us VR also takes on a slightly scarier element. You’re trying to stay calm when the lights go out, the door locks, and you see your space friend suddenly emerge from the vents.

Among us, VR excels in how much immersion it brings to the social deductive smash hit, and we’d argue that if you can get a few friends together in VR, it’s the optimal way to play. That’s why it’s the Shacknews Best VR Game of 2022.

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