Ruby Tuesday Matthews: Internet ‘lost’ over Byron Bay influencer mum with baby girl

An influencer was forced to hit back after the internet “lost it” over an act she did to her baby girl.

Byron Bay model and mother of three Ruby Tuesday Matthews took to her Instagram Stories on Thursday to reveal details about her “absolutely huge day”.

WATCH ABOVE VIDEO: Ruby Tuesday Matthews talks about Holiday’s shaved head

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She looked tired as she spoke to the camera with a towel wrapped around her head as she bottle-fed her baby daughter Holiday, who was born in September.

“I’m sorry if I didn’t answer or do anything. I can’t even…” Matthews said, looking exhausted, before telling fans about her daughter’s “shaved head”.

Matthews welcomed baby Holiday in September. Credit: Instagram/Rubytuesdaymatthews

“I slept two hours last night,” the mom captioned the video.

“At work have three children at home there is no vibration.

“Silly shaved my head for Holiday’s and yeah, we forgot we have Santa pictures tomorrow.” Well, that’s one for the memory books. Oh, and it’s messy,” she added.

Matthews – who said her daughter would be wearing a ‘Santa hat’ in the photo – also captioned her post with the word ‘mumfail’.

Matthews responded after the internet “lost it”. Credit: Instagram/Rubytuesdaymatthews

Not long after she shared her update, Matthews reposted after seeing the response.

“Lol everyone is losing that I shaved Holiday’s head,” the influencer wrote.

“I actually shaved all my kids’ heads at about four months.

“My children are born with dark hair that slowly falls out and ends up looking crazy messy and new hair doesn’t grow.

“I find that it grows back faster, thicker, and much more evenly after shaving.”

Matthews said she shaved all her children’s heads at about four months. Credit: Instagram/Rubytuesdaymatthews

Matthews went on to say that this method is shared by “many cultures for tradition and some for appearance”.

“My aunt, who is Indonesian, told me about it,” she wrote.

“It’s crazy, I can already see her tiny blonde hair, her baby fluff is gone now.

Holiday is Matthews’ first child with fiancé Shannan Dodd.

She has two other sons, Rocket and Mars, with her ex Ryan Heywood.

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