Research shows that 63% of US internet households own a smart TV and 87% subscribe to at least one streaming service – views per day

New Parks Associates research shows how 63% of US Internet households own a smart TV, up from 38% in 2015. OTT Video Market Tracker, including monthly reports and a quarterly release of estimated video subscribers, highlights how companies like Roku and others have changed the role of the TV in the home by combining entertainment with connected home features. Roku announced at CES 2023 that it will be making its own line of smart TVs this year, and many companies have shown off new TV technologies.

“Smart TVs they are part of the modern home; this device will be a key element of the integrated whole-home entertainment vision going forward,” said Elizabeth Parks, president of Parks Associates. “New apps and integrations connect the smart home and entertainment ecosystems to further monetize the user base and give them more control over data in the home.”

Parks Associates Research shows that 87% of American internet households have at least one streaming service. At CES, many companies announced new smart TVs and are looking to leverage the operating system (OS) as well as the hardware for future applications. TV manufacturers and tech giants such as Amazon, Apple, Google and Samsung are building smart home controls into the TV, turning the device into a home control platform.

When consumers are considering a smart TV purchase, they value interoperability, compatibility and ease of use within an ecosystem more than single-point functionality. Connected device owners now have an average of 16 connected devices in their home, and the desire for a single access control point is at the top of their wish list.

OTT Video Market Tracker helps companies stay up-to-date on more than 400 North American OTT services and provides details on current players, new entrants and trends in the OTT video services market.

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