Putin Refuses to Use Internet Because He’s Worried About Spies: WSJ

  • Russian President Vladimir Putin won’t use the internet because he’s afraid of being spied on.
  • The Wall Street Journal reported Friday that Putin relies on physical documents.
  • Russian state media reported in 2020 that Putin does not use a smartphone.

Russian President Vladimir Putin has historically avoided using the internet because he worries that people can spy on his activity, according to a new report.

Citing US and Russian officials, The Wall Street Journal he reported on Friday that the Russian leader refused to go online, fearing digital surveillance. In doing so, it relies on physical documents provided by advisors, including time-sensitive material.

Updates on his unprovoked war in Ukraine, for example, could take days to reach Putin and may be out of date by the time they arrive, the report said. According to the Journal, battlefield intelligence begins with front-line commanders, who send it to the Federal Security Service (FSB), which passes it on to Russia’s Security Council. The council secretary then delivers the information to Putin.

Russian state media previously he reported in 2020 that although Putin used the Internet occasionally, the Russian leader did not use a smartphone.

“He doesn’t have a smartphone, it’s simply impossible,” Kremlin spokesman Dmitry Peskov said at the time.

Shortly after Putin’s forces invaded Ukraine in late February, the Kremlin began repressing on access to foreign social media sites and platforms, prompting Russians to seek alternative means to circumvent the restrictions.

agree with House of Freedoma non-profit organization based in Washington, Russia saw the largest decline in internet freedom this year of any other country.

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