Now you can find your Android without internet

Google’s Find My Device program is getting an update soon. Soon, even if your smartphone doesn’t have an internet connection, Mountain View will be able to determine where it is. This makes the feature just as effective as it is on iPhones or Samsung smartphones.

Find my device can be used to locate your Android phone when it is lost or stolen. You can lock it, sign out of your Google account or even reset it using this. The bad thing about this feature is that it requires an internet connection to function. This situation is about to change.

There is an interesting mention of Find My Device in Google Update correction note from December 2022: “Find My Device now supports encrypted last known location reporting for Android devices using a new privacy-focused framework. Thanks to the new feature, it is possible to locate your phone even when it is not connected to the Internet.

Google Find My Device is getting an important feature

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Specifically, this means that even if your phone doesn’t have an internet connection, nearby Bluetooth-enabled devices will always help you find it. An important detail, all data will be encrypted and the phones used in this network will not be able to know the location of the Android smartphone. Only Google he will know.

This feature is not a recent addition. Reality, Apple and Samsung are already using this technology. We don’t know if the new Android app will replace the Galaxy app. In every situation, more security is provided to the user, and that is what matters most.

At this time we do not know when this option will be available. Aside from the patch note, Google hasn’t provided any other updates. When it is widely used, we expect it to be officially introduced. For example, it could be part of Android 14, a new OS release scheduled for late 2023.

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