Keke Palmer’s pregnancy announcement is breaking the internet

On Saturday, December 3, Keke Palmera well-known comedy actress, presented Saturday Night Live. Not only did he do absolutely amazing sketches and humor, but he announced during her opening monologue that she was pregnant to the public’s surprise. Immediately after, this announcement took social media by storm with an endless flood of support for Keke Palmer.

Keke Palmer has been an icon since she was a child on Nickelodeon. Since then, it has become part of other major projects such as no e Big mouth. Not only is her talent palpable with her impeccable comedic timing, but she’s also one of the few celebrities who keeps it real. She constantly posts on Instagram without makeup and draws attention to the issues currently happening in the world while mixing it with some comic relief. This made her a refreshing celebrity to follow for many people, resulting in a vocal response to her pregnancy announcement.

However, this pregnancy announcement really broke the Internet not only because Keke Palmer is an icon for Gen-Z and millennials, but also because Two years ago Palmer spoke about polycystic ovary syndrome (PCOS). PCOS is essentially a hormone disorder that causes cysts and follicles in the ovaries. This means that getting pregnant is more difficult for people with PCOS, although not impossible. This diagnosis can leave many frustrated and doubtful about getting pregnant. However, Keke Palmer is showing others that it is possible with this recent pregnancy announcement. Although you may not realize it, you are inspiring others with this same diagnosis who may want to start a family.

Keke Palmer is an icon in her own right and it’s heartwarming to see something good happen to someone who deserves it. Others across America obviously feel the same way, flooding social media with praise for the star and her soon-to-be motherhood. Additionally, her PCOS diagnosis also added another level of importance to this ad by showing the possibilities to others with the same diagnosis.


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