Internet in love with a dog mesmerized by Christmas lights on every walk

A Samoyed’s love of all things christmas it was made clear for all to see in a shared video social networks by its owner

Clearly, ’tis the season to be cheerful for winter dog, who was filmed watching his neighbor’s spectacular display of festive lights. The video, in which it was uploaded for the first time Reddit by Winter’s owner, who posted under the handle its_muri, has been spreading much-appreciated seasonal cheer on social media.

“My Samoyed loves to actively look at the Christmas lights every time we walk her,” Winter’s owner wrote in his Reddit post.

Winter can be seen in the video looking in awe from the edge of the property, which has been decorated with an array of illuminated lights. Christmas exhibitionsincluding an illuminated reindeer or two.

Winter the Samoyed (L) loves Christmas lights. Footage of the adorable dog taking in his neighbor’s lights (R) has Redditors in love after it was posted online.

Dogs should have plenty of holiday cheer when December 25th rolls around. A survey of 2,000 pet owners commissioned by MetLife Insurance found that the average four-legged friend can expect receive gifts with an average value of $50 this year.

For now, Winter seems happy to simply absorb and enjoy the eye-catching holiday displays on offer in her neighborhood.

Winter’s owner told him Newsweek that the dog “loves Christmas and lights in particular.”

The Samoyed currently lives in Sydney, Australia but this Christmas he will go “downhill” to spend the holidays with his owner’s partner and his parents.

While Christmas lights are among his favorite things, Winter has other interests as well, according to his human companion.

“His favorite thing is to sniff and step on water like in bowls or puddles or buckets etc.” said its owner, adding “We don’t know why he does that.”

Winter the Samoyed who likes to smell water.
Winter the Samoyedo, shown above in two photos of his owner, has other interests besides checking out Christmas lights. They include sniffing and stepping on their water bowl.

For now, however, it’s Winter’s vision he’s been watching Christmas lights peacefully with the kind of reaction of amazement usually reserved for a child, which has people talking on social media.

Bearbutts11 commented: “Samoyeds are the best! Meet Christmas, great glorious floofball!” with Redditor Offkira writing they don’t blame Winter for wanting to take a look. “I am human and if the houses where I live were decorated like this, I would look at myself too,” they said.

Noting the dog’s trance state, Clichesaurus commented, “The way he’s looking at me makes me think he’s been on catnip.”

Sparkinessedess said, “Man, I wish I could find one of these dogs near me.”

Dry-Program8805 commented: “Would love to adopt her,” with Former_Film_7128 writing: “Man, wish I could find one of these dogs near me.”

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