How to free up space on your iPhone

The iPhone is great in so many ways, but one aspect that fans still want would change, even when push comes to shove the best iPhones, is the fact that storage cannot be upgraded: once you choose the size, you cannot add additional storage. There’s always iCloud, but who wants to spend that much money moving storage to the cloud? There are also external storage accessories, but they are not convenient to carry everywhere. Plus, chances are a large percentage of what you store on your phone can be easily deleted: think multiple seasons of a show you downloaded from a streaming service and forgot about, apps you haven’t used since the beginning from the 2010s, a long line of iMessage group conversations dating back years, memes, screenshots and food photos you no longer need, and more.

In addition, to keep your phone running at its most efficient, you should clean it regularly, remove apps that may be running in the background without your knowledge (or haven’t been updated in ages), and videos and photos that do nothing but use up valuable space . The question is: how can you do this quickly and easily? There is indeed a way.

The first step to consider before starting the process is backing up iPhone to an external storage device such as your computer or a portable external storage drive: you can easily back up an iPhone using Finder or iTunes. Once you’re ready to clean up the phone, figure out what’s taking up the most space and move on. If necessary, review each section, such as messages, apps, and photos, and delete items if necessary, either in batches or by items that have been inactive for a long period of time, and so on.

1. Select Settings and General.

2. Go to iPhone storage.

3. It may take a few seconds to fully load depending on how much you have on the phone. Once loaded, you will see a bar chart that breaks down by what takes up how much space, along with a rule list for each section that you can view individually.

How to free up space on iPhone tutorial

4. Select Watch downloaded videos (if applicable) and delete the ones you no longer need.

5. Select View large attachments (if applicable) and delete the ones you no longer need.

How to free up space on iPhone tutorial

6. Scroll through the list that follows to see how much storage space each section takes up and view them individually from there.

7. For apps, look at the “last used” date and if it’s been more than a year, select the app and choose “Offload App” which will remove it from the phone but keep your data if you decide to reinstall it or uninstall the app to remove it completely, including all your data associated with it.

How to free up space on iPhone tutorial

Even the latest model of iPhones, such as the iPhone 14, do not include memory card slots for additional local storage. And finally you will out of space, no matter how much storage space you have. If you download apps, take photos and videos, communicate with others via iMessages, download videos for offline viewing, and use your phone like most people, you need a cleaning every now and then. This is important not only to free up space, but also for the security, privacy and efficiency of the device.

Apple iPhone 14

The iPhone 14 is the base model of the 2022 iPhone series and offers a balanced set of features for the average user.

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