How to free up gigabytes of storage space on your iPhone

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For most people, the biggest hogs of iPhone storage space are photos and videos (and, if you’re like me, screenshots).

The problem is that not every photo or video is good. Duplicates and blurry photos are commonplace (here are tips to take less blurry photos), and most people don’t delete them right away, leaving that task for some time in the future.

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But searching through thousands of photos and videos in the photo library is not the idea of ​​fun for most people, that’s why the photo library grows and grows and grows until it gets out of hand and people end up buying a new iPhone with more storage space.

Twins photos from Ukrainian software company MacPaw is the app that changes all that.

Gemini Photos scans my photo library

Gemini Photos scans my photo library

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This app takes all the stress out of clearing your photos. You download it, run it, and it goes through all your photos, videos, and screenshots, looking for things like blurry photos, identical duplicates, and photos with text.

Gemini Photos can also find good photos (including photos you’ve edited or favorited, photos that are in focus, and photos where people are smiling and their eyes open) and not-so-good photos (blurred photos and photos of people with their eyes closed).

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Another feature that Gemini Photos has is the ability to search for similar but not identical photos. This is a premium feature ($4.99/month, $19.99/year, $34.99 unlimited access), but you do get a 3-day free trial to test it out.

After the app scans your photo library, you can choose which photos and videos to keep and which to discard.

You have complete control. That’s good because this is your data you’re messing with.

I’ve been using Gemini Photos for several years now, and without exaggeration, it has removed many tens of gigabytes of dirt and debris from my iPhone, and the goal is to keep taking photos without running out of my iPhone. space (or have to buy additional – and expensive – iCloud storage).

Twins photos is also one of those apps that has gone from strength to strength. The ability to detect good and bad photos and remove similar photos from several photos that happen to look the same has improved quite a bit over the years.

Highly recommended!

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