Hometown’s Erin Napier applauds after netizens ask if she’s pregnant (again)

Almost everyone who enjoys home improvement shows knows Erin Napier. As one of the stars of the HGTV hit, Hometown (which she hosts with her husband, Ben), helps people provide their dream living spaces in their small hometown of Laurel, Mississippi, and is almost always smiling and having a lot of fun doing it. But fans know she’s not afraid to speak up on social media he feels that people are evil, inappropriate or simply unfair. Recently, the makeover expert was applauded after her followers began to question whether or not she was pregnant again.

What did Home Town’s Erin Napier say about fans asking if she was pregnant?

House of Lanterns author and her husband celebrated the first birthday of their youngest child, Mae, in June, even though she was very transparent about why they made that decision to give his eldest daughter Helena siblings, that doesn’t mean she’s down for everyone who is openly speculating about whether or not she might be expecting again. Apparently, after a new episode of their show aired over the weekend, some online chatter started and Napier joined her Instagram Stories to be answered in a written submission that says:

re: Yesterday’s episode, I’m not waiting, I’m just not drinking coffee. I will not expect you don’t have to google it and think we’re dropping cryptic hints. there are no hints. our family is complete. it’s weird and a little rude to keep speculating if a woman is pregnant.

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