Here are the 7 best PSVR 2 titles to play if you’re new to VR

With the upcoming release of Sony’s PSVR 2 headset, there are sure to be plenty of people looking to indulge in the wonders of virtual reality for the first time. If this sounds like you, then you’re in for a treat, because VR is amazing, But if you want to get the most out of it, you’ll have to learn to walk before you can run.

Jumping straight into an extreme VR experience like Resident Evil Village might sound like a good idea (I mean, who wouldn’t want to check out Lady D in VR?), but playing first-person action games can be a lot of fun. it’s a great experience for first timers, and it can easily lead to a nasty case of VR motion sickness.

So in today’s episode of VR Corner (above), I’m going to take a look at the 7 best PSVR 2 launch titles you should buy if you’re new to VR. These games may not be the most exciting titles on offer, but if you want to train your brain to become an unstoppable VR machine in no time, you should definitely consider easing yourself into a few of these first. . And then you can hang out with Lady D as much as you like without worrying about making your shoes sick.

Fantavision 202X
Fantavision 202X is a PSVR2 reimagining of Fantavsion, a puzzle game based on the cult classic PS2 fireworks, and it looks like it will be the perfect introduction to the world of VR for someone who has never tried VR before.

Fantavision 202X has a very simple yet addictive gameplay where you have to match 3 or more fireworks of the same color before they explode for points. As a completely static gaming experience, you’ll be able to enjoy this game from the comfort of your couch, so you’ll have to relax nice and easy and completely soak in the light show in front of you.

While the straight gameplay featured in this week’s episode of VR Corner might not sound like the most exciting thing in the world, inside the PSVR 2 headset you’ll be surrounded by beautiful, glowing particles as the fireworks you shoot explode around you. . Thanks to 4K HDR visuals, those bursts of color against a black background will look phenomenally sharp and super stunning in 3D. Add to that the super easy gameplay point and shoot control scheme that will make it easy for you to use the Sense controllers in virtual space and the Fantavision 202X should be a great first stop for your VR adventures.
Kizuna AI: Tap to strike
And Beat Saber is coming to PSVR 2 at some point in the future, was not approved as a launch title for the headset at the time of making this video. It’s a shame, because Beat Saber is one of the best games to show newcomers the magic and power of VR gaming, so instead we’ll have to go with the next best thing, Kizuna AI: Tap Beat.

Kizuna AI: Touch the Beat is a rhythm-action game based on popular Japanese VTuber, Kizuna AI. In Touch the Beat, you act as an audience member at a Kizuna AI performance, and thanks to the safety of a single person, you’ll be able to listen to Kizuna AI’s tunes and feel the rhythm of its music. you hit the notes that fly towards you with your twin penlights.

While the gameplay doesn’t look close to Beat Saber’s, this title should be the perfect place to get used to standing up in a virtual environment and interacting with virtual objects. Since most of the action takes place on the stage in front of you, the world around you should remain relatively static, meaning nausea-inducing background motion will be minimal, and if you have enough space in your real-life game space, you should also be able to do some physical walking in VR.

Combine that with the fact that you’ll be dual-wielding your two Sense controllers and using them as batons to hit the colored notes around you, and it should mean that Kizuna AI will be a great place to train yourself to use two motion controllers. at the same time.

What better way to learn how to interact with virtual worlds using motion controllers than hacking said worlds!

In Tentacular, you play as a twin tentacled Kaiju tasked with helping the inhabitants of his island. While the puzzle and island layouts change with each level, the game world is static around you, acting as little dioramas that you can bend over and play with. This means that you can easily play this game sitting down, and while you can gently move the kaiju around with your fingers, you, the player, will provide most of the action in the game. This means that the potential for disease causing problems in the inner ear should be minimized.

The best thing about Tentacular is that you can pick up and play with almost any prop, and that even applies to the little people you need to help. Go ahead, try to throw them in the ocean. It might feel bad, but it’s actually a lot of fun, and they’ll respawn quickly, so no harm done! I think…

Since many of the puzzles in Tentacular involve picking up, then placing, and balancing small objects, this game is the ideal place to literally get to grips with the intricacies of the PSVR 2’s Sense controllers. You’ll quickly learn how to tilt in and out of virtual environments to pluck objects from the landscape, which feels absolutely incredible if you’ve played video games on a flat TV screen before.

By doing this, you’ll also get used to using the grip buttons on the sides of the controllers to hold and then throw objects, so if you’re looking for a bright, colorful, funny and family-friendly VR toybox. Sense controller skills, I’d give this game a Tentacle out of 10, that’s for sure.
Coming up, we have Demeo, a brilliant but sometimes pretty brutal board game simulator that will help you learn how to use physical gestures to move around in a VR space, and it’s also going to be great as a multiplayer game. a place for you to interact with real people in virtual reality.

Demeo is basically a turn-based board game like HeroQuest, so the pace of the game never gets too fast. What makes this a great game for VR beginners is that while the entire game takes place on a virtual game board in a static environment, you can walk around that virtual world and get up close and personal with your chosen adventurer using physical movements. reposition yourself.

So, using the Sense controllers, you can hold the air to walk around the game board, rotate in place, or even spread your arms apart to zoom in and out – just like you do with two fingers on a mobile phone screen.

Using physical movements to adjust your position in VR means you shouldn’t get any motion sickness, and while it takes some time to adjust your brain to moving this way, you’ll be fine-tuning your way once you click. mastering movement within virtual reality.

Cities VR: Enhanced Edition
Cities VR: Enhanced Edition is a city management game that will let you create the city of your dreams without giving you too much sensory overload.

Again, Cities VR is a static, diorama-style experience whether you’re physically inside or not. However, you’ll also be able to use the Sense controllers’ thumbsticks to move around as you manage the construction and economy of your virtual world. Moving around in VR using the thumbsticks can take some getting used to at first, as it feels weird to have your brain telling you you’re moving when you’re actually standing or sitting. Playing a slow game like Cites should be a good way to build up your tolerance for such moves.

Drawing and placing your city by pointing, clicking and coloring with your Sense controller will be very easy and intuitive, and the game has plenty of menus for things like checking the well-being of your citizens and keeping your books in order. this will help you practice switching from a 3D game to straight menus and back again using only the motion controls.

Best of all, Cities VR: Enhanced Edition gives you a bird’s-eye view of your creations, then zooms to street level where you can watch them come to life with the hustle and bustle of civilians and traffic. This change of scale and perspective is another great example of how VR can immerse you in a video game and make you feel part of its world, and when it’s also a world of your own making, you’ll feel it. an incredible sense of connection with him.
Moss VR is on the more extreme end of the beginner scale, as you’ll be controlling not only yourself, but the game’s intrepid protagonist, Quill.

Moss is a beautiful adventure game that’s part fairy tale, part diorama, part Zelda game, and its highly detailed picture book landscapes will look phenomenal through the PSVR 2 headset’s 4K lenses.

Playing as an imaginary being known as The Reader, you can enter Moss’ ghibli-esque studio, stationary levels where you can push and pull around objects to open up new routes that will allow Quill to progress towards his goal. Using the thumbsticks on the PSVR 2’s Sense controllers, you’ll also be able to move Quill around in a 3D platformer style, forcing him to run, jump, and attack the many mechanical bugs that block his path.

Master this type of two-in-one gameplay and you’ll be well on your way to trying more intense VR runs, but make sure you take some time to bond with Quill and the environment before you go. Glancing at your reflection in the game’s many rivers of babbling will really make you feel rooted in the world and part of the adventure, and if Quill gives you a high-five, don’t leave it hanging. These little exchanges may seem silly at first, but when combined with his awesome character animations full of personality, they’ll convince you that Quill is a real, living, breathing being.

So do your best not to let him accidentally drown, because trust me, seeing that death animation will make you feel guilty for weeks…
Moss: Book II
And finally, to complete your introduction to the wonderful world of VR, why not finish what you started with the trials of Moss: Book II?

This grind continues from the point where you left Quill at the end of the first game, and while the gameplay is pretty much the same, it introduces a number of new weapons, story twists, and combat challenges that will really set you off. test your new VR skills.

If that sounds like a good idea to you, the PS5 versions of Moss and Moss: Book II are currently available for pre-order in a bundle on the PSN store, so you’ll be able to save some money. and get them ready to download on PSVR 2 release day.

And here are the 7 best PSVR 2 launch titles you should try if you’re buying a PSVR 2 but are a total VR beginner.

This list is based on the current list of 23 confirmed PSVR 2 release titles, but according to Sony, 30 are planned, so more beginner-friendly VR games could be announced before the consoles launch. If so, I’ll try to update this list in the future, but you should be able to tell if they’re right for you by examining any new games that are announced.

Basically, make sure you go for slower-paced, mostly stationary experiences that allow you to get the feeling of living in a VR world, like Business Simulator. While it’s tempting to jump right into one, make sure you avoid big, first-person heavy hitters like The Walking Dead: Saints and Sinners until you’ve gotten some VR legs. These games aren’t going anywhere, so take your time, ease yourself into VR, and soon you’ll be spinning around in virtual worlds, having as much fun as I did without the full action, smooth rotation, and vignettes.

And speaking of me having fun in VR, we have tons of videos of me doing it on our YouTube channel, with more PSVR 2 videos being uploaded as well, and they’re increasing as part of every Sunday. Ian’s VR corner.

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