Greenlight Networks to expand Internet services in Clifton Park

CLIFTON PARK — Greenlight Networks, a high-speed broadband service provider, said this week it will expand its fiber optic network across the city with a $16 million investment.

The expansion of the service will make gigabit internet available to nearly 12,000 households by the end of 2024, and will also support infrastructure development in the city by creating local jobs and work for local suppliers.

After service is established in the Azalea and El Dorado neighborhoods in 2021, new construction in those neighborhoods will connect an additional 2,000 homes to the network. Construction is also set to begin in Summerlin, Roosevelt and Bruno neighborhoods and other smaller neighborhoods to expand the network to 10,000 additional homes by 2024, according to Wednesday’s announcement. The company is urging residents in those areas to place pre-orders for service.

Mark Murphy, president and CEO of Greenlight, said the Rochester-based company has worked with the city of Saratoga County over the past year to identify a plan to ensure local residents have access to their high-speed fiber-optic Internet and a reliable connection.
“Connecting residents to multi-gigabit fiber optic internet will be a game-changer for individuals and families looking for alternative options for reliable and affordable internet services. We are excited to welcome new customers and look forward to building our presence here in Clifton Park,” Murphy said in a statement.
Greenlight partners with the Vischer Ferry Fire Department to host its network equipment in exchange for free high-speed fiber optic broadband service.

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