Fossils to Falls: Yosemite VR at Yosemite Cinema

From the outside, Yosemite Cinema might look like any other local movie theater.

There are several theaters for the latest releases and classics as well as classic concessions.

But rallying around this small-town theater is a community responsible for the first community-supported theater in the country and the only permanent positron-powered virtual reality theater in the United States.

The VR theater is where guests can take part in the “Yosemite Experience,” a theater virtual reality journey through Yosemite National Park.

The Yosemite movie theater is conveniently located along the way Fossils Waterfall Road Trip brought to you by Visit Yosemite Madera County offers eight different trading cards at various stops along the way.

Each card has a different Yosemite Welcome Committee character. You only need to collect two to enter to win Yosemite Adventure Challenge. Collect all eight and get more access.

The grand prize is a two-night stay in South Yosemite, gift cards, dining experiences and your choice of a Yosemite family adventure package. visit to learn more.


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