Did you put on the wrong bra? An underwear expert is dividing the internet the ‘right’ way

It’s a burning question for anyone who has ever worn a bra: to fasten at the front of the body, then twist it into place or pin it when it is in situ?

No-nonsense British underwear expert got to the heart of the matter – and it looks like a lot of us are doing it wrong.

WATCH THE VIDEO ABOVE: An underwear expert demonstrates the correct way to put on a bra.

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Kelly, an employee of Janice Rose Lingerie in Nottingham, made the choice Tick ​​Tock with a sample to try to solve the question once and for all.

The fully clothed shop assistant shared a clip of herself trying on a bra in a number of common ways – before demonstrating what she believes is the correct method.

For starters, Kelly yanks him over her head and pulls him close before saying, “No, no, no.”

Kelly tries to ‘get into’ her bra. Credit: Underwear Jam Press Vid/Janice Rose

She then tries to get into her bra before confirming again that this is not correct.

The specialist will then use the normal back-to-front bra clasp method before pulling it into place – before saying, “No, no, no” again.

Kelly fastens the bra in the front and then pulls it into place. Credit: Underwear Jam Press Vid/Janice Rose

Finally, it illustrates the “correct” method of securing intimate clothing.

Kelly shows off the bra, already on, with the back unbuttoned, before awkwardly leaning over and putting her hands behind her back to secure it in place.

Kelly shows the end result of the “right” way to put on a bra – the back fastening. Credit: Underwear Jam Press Vid/Janice Rose

The hilarious video went viral, garnering 7.4 million views and 150,000 likes.

Viewers also flocked to leave their opinions, with many mockingly calling Kelly “Janice”, after the name of the shop and its founder Janice Holmes.

Front to back

Overwhelmingly, commentators have shied away from what they see as the rather difficult “fix in place” method.

Most have suggested that the way to go is the front mount and then pivot method.

One person said: “Janice, I’m not physically able to do it the last way, so it’s ‘No, no, no’ from me.”

“Well, Janice, some of us can’t,” another user commented.

Someone else said, “No, no, no, me, Janice. The second to last person is always right.”

“No, that’s the hardest way to put it on,” another viewer insisted.

Another added: “I don’t have eyes in the back of my head.”

“I don’t have the mental capacity to cut my back,” someone else joked.

Life extension

Meanwhile, the real Janice had a few words for critics about securing bras “correctly”.

“Our TikTok video shows a bra with a back closure that should be fastened at the back to stop the underband from stretching,” explained Janice Holmes.

“This is in accordance with the manufacturer’s instructions and designed to help extend the life of the bra.”

Janice outlined “other styles of backless bras” that she said actually had to be pulled over the head.

“These fabrics are designed to pull and stretch,” she said, but added, “The breast support won’t be as great.”

With Ria Newman

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