Diary of a Young Country: We found a frozen goldfinch in the garden the environment

i amIt was morning in the valley, and I knew it was pouring outside and all the water was ice. The birds were frantically feeding on all the seeds; A group of around 30 people visit here often. When I went out to feed them, I saw a goldfinch huddled there. Was minutes away from death!

My father and I brought the bird inside. He won’t open his mouth to drink. We began to worry, so we piled him in a warm blanket. There was still a chance he could live, and that’s when he started drinking. He was really thirsty so we got him a dropper and some warm water, and I looked up how to save a frozen bird. I was afraid that he might be in pain. He was very gentle, small and fragile.

Summer with frozen goldfinch.
Summer with frozen goldfinch. Photo: Family Handout

We looked into his dark black eyes. He wore a red mask and had a light brown and dark brown body. I wanted him to stay with us. He started to stretch and tried his best to make his wings flutter – all our hopes went to the sky.

As she tried to turn around, my family gathered around her. I held her in my arms, and she suddenly fell into a deep sleep. All our excitement was gone. His spirit was now free.
Summer, no

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