Diary of a Young Country: The Sea Called Me – Never Turned Back the environment

HCountless geese pour into the sky, flooding the blue with the sound of slate-colored wings and brass bands. We stepped through fallen needles and damp pine cones, and I could feel the wind struggling with the trees, screaming and hurling itself at their majestic trunks that had endured so many harsh winters.

The golden light of morning drew the excited air from my mind—it was cool and crisp, yet so warm to look at, and the birds, so distressed and wild, felt the pull and rose into the fire, singing. each other. The cold that was shivering in my fingers disappeared and could not penetrate me. I ran out into the open. I was a bird flying and jumping, ducking and diving. It wasn’t blood coursing through me—it was energy as I rode toward the crashing waves.

North Norfolk coast
Photo: Family Handout

Once I was changed, the sea called me; There was no turning back. I ran into the murky depths of the ocean, not stopping to think about the extreme temperatures. The feeling was incredible – the words I would use to describe it can’t do justice to how it actually felt. It was as if fire and ice were being poured into my body at the same time. There was a feeling of winter.
Bonnie, 11

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