Crews in Rumford rescued several people trapped in floodwaters

In a Facebook post Saturday, Dec. 24, the Rumford Police Department asked people not to drive through standing water, leaving Routes 2 and 232 impassable.

Rumford, Maine — The Rumford Fire Department People are being reminded not to ignore cones or signs indicating road closures due to flooding after several rescues Saturday morning.

On December 24 at 3 o’clock in the morning, the directorate make a warning On Facebook, people are being asked to avoid Route 232 and South Rumford Road due to flooding.

A few hours later, the department Set another reminderThe victims have already been rescued by telling people not to wade through the standing water.

At 12:00 in the morning, Divisional Md Posted a graphic Who said, “Turn around when you flood, don’t sink”. In the caption of that photo, the department reminded community members that it’s illegal to go around road closure signs and cones reminding people not to travel through standing water.

The Rumford Police Department A road condition was reported Saturday morning. It said roads at 257 and 464 Ellis River Road, Route 2 Rumford Center and 43 Whipperwill Road were experiencing ice, but those spots were accessible.

The report also said Route 2 near Woodworkers Paradise was closed as of 9:04 a.m. due to water over the roadway, with cars stuck in the water. Route 232, about a quarter mile north of South Rumford Road, was closed for the same reason.

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