Could she be Twitter’s new CEO? A comedian is breaking the internet with a self-anointing joke

Elon Musk he’s on the hunt for someone “stupid enough to take the job.” Twitter CEO, after him announced plans to withdraw.

A few names rushed to the head of the list of candidates. Including:

  • founder of Twitter Jack Dorsey
  • Former intelligence contractor Edward Snowden
  • founder of MySpace Tom Anderson

Still, one unlikely character managed to fool at least some users with a semi-serious, parody announcement.

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Comedian and writer on Wednesday Bess Kalbknown for her work at The New Yorker and on “Jimmy Kimmel Live,” she wrote, “I am humbled, honored and frankly still in shock to be the new CEO of Twitter.”

The announcement was followed by a series of joke-filled tweets that included a tongue-in-cheek reference to Musk’s past endeavors. They still didn’t stop some users and media, including Pakistan’s Oye Yeah, from taking the joke seriously.

Kalb said Musk “failed to rescue people from a cave and then called a real lifeguard a pedophile, sent CPAP machines to hospitals instead of desperately needed ventilators” and “spent $44 billion to destroy his reputation and legacy,” among many other criticisms. .

The tweets did not specifically identify themselves as a parody, leading some to quickly assume that the joke announcement was true.


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