Callisto Protocol Sales Numbers Short of Crafton’s Target

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The Callisto Protocol had unsatisfactory sales figures and failed to recover the alleged investment. Callisto Protocol sales numbers are reported to be falling short of targets.

It seems that despite the buzz around this new project and the history of the developer, it has not been able to make a significant enough impact. Callisto Protocol’s extreme close-quarters combat and graphic violence were largely driven by the game’s marketing, particularly the main roles played by the game’s character. However, this only served to inflate players’ expectations, as reviews suggest that it failed to live up to fans’ hopes for the game.

The Callisto Protocol was predicted to sell at least 5 million copies

according to K-Odyssey according to reports, the game was created at a staggering cost of 200 billion won. The South Korean currency (won) is worth approximately $162 million to the US dollar. According to Crafto’s financial report, the firm paid Callisto Protocol developers about 196 billion won, including 5.4 billion won in 2020, 77 billion won in 2021, and 113.6 billion won from January to September last year.

Callisto Protocol’s sales figures are very low, and its $162 million budget has not been recovered. Crafton, the publisher of Callisto Protocol, saw a significant drop in its stock price as the game underperformed the company’s forecasts.

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Callisto Protocol publisher Crafton reportedly expects to sell a minimum of five million copies worldwide, but given how bad the game has been so far, the company doesn’t expect to even reach two million within the year. Made by the same director who oversaw Dead Space, the game reintroduced shooting features to horror games. Although fans have mixed opinions on the title, the visuals have been praised by everyone.

This year the game is expected to gain months’ download more content, which may ultimately contribute to the publisher’s financial recovery. Let’s see if that’s the case or if fans won’t be seeing a new game from Striking Distance Studios anytime soon.

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