Arizona considers piping water from Mexico as Colorado River depletion

On Tuesday, Arizona passed a state board tasked with vetting proposals to increase water supplies A defiant resolution In support of a potential massive seawater desalination plant in Mexico’s Sea of ​​Cortez.

A partnership led by Israeli desalination experts IDE Technologys submitted a multibillion-dollar plan to the Arizona board’s Water Infrastructure Finance Authority, saying it could replace or supplement the loss of Colorado River water flowing through the Central Arizona Project’s canals. The plant will remove salt from the seawater and pump it north into the canal, where it will flow through Maricopa, Pinal and Pima counties.

It’s the first step toward evaluating a water project that lawmakers have announced this year Each committed more than $1 billion, Heeding Governor Doug Ducey’s call to support desalination and other efforts. Some lawmakers who supported it balked at what they called the rushed nature of the resolution, raised on members only last week. Ducey left office in January.

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