A young black opera singer who shocked the internet with his high pitched voice was once hacked

Screenshot: YouTube
Screenshot: YouTube

A great Christmas song and a beautiful voice can change our whole mood. When we hear “All I Want For Christmas Is You” by Mariah Carey, we can’t help but feel festive. When I think of “I saw mommy kiss Santa Claus,” it epitomizes what it’s like to be a child excited about the holidays. The same feelings of happiness and joy can be chilling when you hear a talented singer perform live.

That’s exactly what 12-year-old opera singer Malakai M. Bayoh did with his live rendition of “O’Holy Night.”

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In the days leading up to Christmas, the United Kingdom Classic FM invited Bayoh to perform a duet of a classic Christmas song with Aled Jones, as Classic FM Moderator. While both singers were impressive, the young Black boy stole the show.

Aled Jones and 12-year-old triple Malakai M Bayoh sing amazing duet ‘O Holy Night’ | Classic FM

Bayoh’s singing skills have caught the attention of many on the Internet, including Oscar-nominated actress Viola Davis. reposted a clip from the performance on her Instagram, where she wrote: “Unbelievably beautiful.”

Much like Viola, many on the internet were equally astounded. One user commented: “His voice is so clear. I have never heard such a clear, clear voice. Incredible.”

Another wrote: “This is the perfect duet. And Bayoh’s voice is breathtaking. So beautiful that it passed through me like the warm light of love.”

One user admitted to getting emotional, writing: “This sent chills down my spine and brought tears to my eyes, absolutely beautiful.”

Bayoh’s singing throughout the performance is breathtaking and angelic. His last note at the end of the song is especially amazing. The high note it reaches is nothing short of amazing and will bring a smile to anyone who hears it.

The duo also sang a rendition of “Walking on air.”

According to Classic FMBayoh is a member of the Cardinal Vaughan Memorial School in London and his singing career began as a cathedral chorister at St. George.

In November, he made his debut at the Royal Opera House in London, singing the role of Obert Alcinaaccording to Classic FM.

While performing the opening lines of his debut performance, he booed and shouted “Garbage” during the show. Others in the crowd silenced him and told him to be quiet.

The hacker left shortly after the incident. The Royal Opera House banned the mysterious governor in a tweet, writing“Unfortunately, on Alcina’s opening night, an audience member appeared to disrupt the show and the outstanding performance of young singer Malakai M Bayoh.

They continued: “We are appalled that an audience member has behaved in this way and steps have been taken to ensure that the audience member in question does not return to the Royal Opera House.

During Bayoh’s final bow, he received a wonderful round of applause from the audience who appreciated and loved his performance.

Despite the ruckus that distracted him during his debut performance, Bayoh already has the most impressive resume a 12-year-old can have, and hopefully he’ll add to it in the years to come.

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