A grandfather surprises his 11 grandchildren with a good present, and the Internet is spellbound

A grandfather from New Jersey is charming the Internet with his wonderful surprise for all his grandchildren.

In the now-viral TikTok video, Liam Ryan, 87, is seen excitedly presenting each of his 11 grandchildren with a neatly wrapped present. It’s clear Ryan expects a big reaction — and his family delivers. The kids, ages 4 to 28, burst out laughing when they realize they each received a pair of Crocs and a personalized charm with Ryan’s face on it.

“He’s so clean omg,” one person commented on the video.

Added another: “Why am I crying?”

Grace Pettit, who shared the adorable clip, says the gifts had sentimental value: her late grandmother Phyllis was known to wear bright teal Crocs and matching cover-ups to the beach.

“Our grandmother was the center of the house and loved everyone so much,” says Pettit, 24 TODAY.com. “Gramps receives the same energy, which is beautiful. He makes each of us feel special. He’s always calling to check in and see what we’re doing.’

Pettit, a second-grade teacher in Hawaii, says Ryan gets a kick out of his Internet stardom and was recently recognized at the post office. He also went viral last month for filming a “fit check” video with Pettit while she was home for the holidays. Ryan wasn’t exactly sure what a “fit check” was, but he was more than happy to play.

“Hi, I’m Grandma,” she begins. “My jeans are a Christmas present. My shirt is a Christmas present. My brother gave me my sweater. My sneakers…”

Ryan can’t remember where his kicks are coming from, so Pettit jumps in to help. They make a great TikTok team. Pettit wishes she didn’t live nearly 5,000 miles away from Gramps, but says they keep in touch regularly.

“We’re really close,” says Pettit. “I’m lucky.”

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