6 key initiatives promoting DEI in shipping

The shipping industry is making progress on diversity, equity and inclusion (DEI), according to a recent report from the Diversity Study Group. In fact, many companies, organizations and alliances are taking the first steps to improve inclusion in the workplace, providing more platforms for all people to have equal career opportunities.

AAccording to the report, this progress is most evident at the junior and mid-level levels, helping to create a more diverse talent pool of future leaders, but diverse representation at the C-suite level remains more limited. However, let’s take a look at some of the most prominent examples that promote DEI in shipping:

Who’s in Alliance #1: Industry leaders have come together in Zurich to launch the All Aboard Alliance, with the aim of providing a platform for joint action to make the maritime industry more diverse, fair and inclusive.

The All Aboard Alliance is built around five principles which member companies are encouraged to adopt in internal policies, procedures and leadership practices.

#2 Maritime Diversity, Equity and Inclusion (DEI) Innovation Lab 2022: The Thome Group has joined forces with Hafnia, Anglo American, RightShip, Rio Tinto and Wilhelmsen to launch the innovation lab. This is an open competition for interested participants to submit their ideas on DEI in the marine industry. Shortlisted teams will participate in an innovation lab to hone their pitches in preparation for a ‘Dragon’s Den’ session with industry leaders. The winning team and their idea will be implemented with the cooperation and funding of participating partner organizations.

#3 Marine Speakers Bureau Platform: IMO and WISTA International have partnered to end the tradition of all-male panels. The Navy Speakers Bureau website seeks positive commitment by asking people to sign one or more pledges: for speakers; organizers; and sponsors.

By signing, they commit to highlighting where diversity is lacking are doing their best to improve things to ensure diversity and inclusion at events and maritime events.

#4 MOL approves Principles of Women’s Empowerment (WEPs): The WEPs are action principles for working proactively to promote the advancement of women. MOL Group positions diversity and inclusion, including the promotion of women’s participation, as a “new driving force for development” and puts it at the heart of its human resources strategy.

#5 Svitzer launches training program for female sailors: March 1, 2022 was an important milestone for Svitzer ANAS, as a new training program in Egypt saw the light of day and welcomed 12 female trainees. The training program is an important element in efforts to improve the representation of women in the ANAS region. Until recently, there were no female seafarers in the region, but after a dedicated effort to change that, 21 female seafarers are now working in the Asia Pacific, Middle East and Africa region, with more to come soon.

#6 First female captain for Wilhelmsen: Wilhelmsen Ship Management appointed the first female captain, Captain Lee Eun Ran said, “I hope my achievement can inspire more female sailors to take up seafaring.”

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